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Product Description

Over 68% of Americans suffer some type of sleep disorder. If you cannot enter into a deep state of sleep, you simply do not dream. People need to dream and at Life Wise, we want you to dream big. We created Dream to support healthy sleep cycles so that you can feel restored and energized in the morning ready to go to work building your dreams. Simply place one Dream strip into your mouth before bed and let it dissolve completely.  

Key Ingredients: 


L-Theanine-  Supports healthy sleep cycles by supporting and nourishing the brain to allow healthy alpha brain waves. Alpha brain waves also support irritation and anxiety cycles. 


Melatonin- Melatonin has the ability to support biological rhythms. This makes it an important hormone for various circadian disorders, such as advanced and delayed sleep phase disorders, jet lag and shift-work disorder 


Saffron- Used for many years in India and the middle east to support relaxation and create a meditative state, there are now many modern clinical studies showing that Saffron can hold the key to a good nights sleep.  

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