Does The One contain Folate or Folic Acid?
The One contains Folate. It does NOT contain Folic Acid. All ingredients in The One are from whole food sources. No Synthetic isolates are used. Methylated vitamins are synthetic isolates. The One contains food so if you can eat food, you can take The One. 

What is the recommended usage for The One?
Take 1 packet daily any time of day. It is not necessary to take The One with food as it is food. 

Does each capsule in The One contain the same blend, or are there different ingredients in each capsule?
The One is a packet of capsules, four of the capsules contain a blend of the whole food ingredients. One capsule contains the red algae source of calcium, one capsule contains the probiotics and enzymes and one vegetarian soft gel capsule contains the omega fatty acids. 

Is The One gluten-free?
Yes, our independent test results showed The One is free of glutens.

Can I give The One to my children?
The One is a whole-food multivitamin and is therefore safe for consumption for children over the age of five. If under age five, please first consult with your pediatrician.