Our Mission at Life Wise is to inspire people to achieve optimal levels of personal well being by delivering best in class health products and educational tools. We will assemble the best leadership team that will embrace the traits of compassion, superior work ethics, proficiency, and morality. We Promise to make Life Wise easy and fair to join, and will provide our people with the most equitable, transparent, and admirable compensation plan ever built. Our leadership team works for you and if you join our community, we ask only that you be kind, respectful, God honoring and serve others as we serve you. Together, we will be the most loving and productive  community ever seen in this industry.

Rob Alwin

Founder, CEO

Dr. Tracy Gibbs

Chief Science Officer

James DuFour

Chief Intelligence Officer

Gregg Aldenman

Vice President

Our LIFE WISE team has built a strong foundation for both you and your downline to succeed. When you combine our company tools and the company resources with your “why”, you’ll be on your way to creating the health, wealth and life style that you desire.